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Blood Flow Restriction

“Blood Flow Restriction, commonly referred to as BFR, involves the application of a specialized tourniquet cuff to the proximal portion of an exercising arm or leg to reduce arterial inflow and restrict venous outflow into the limb. Exercising in this manner allows the use of low intensity exercise to elicit positive adaptations in muscle size, strength, or endurance typically associated with much heavier loads or higher intensities. The pressure applied with BFR should be personalized to the individual’s Limb Occlusion Pressure or LOP (You’ll see us refer to this as Personalized Blood Flow Restriction or PBFR). A range of pressure looks like it can be effective and different pressures may be required for the arm (40-50% of LOP) and for the leg (60-80% of LOP).  With BFR, resistance exercise with weight as light as 20-40% of an individual’s 1 repetition maximum can facilitate changes typically seen with lifting heavy weights, while endurance exercise can be prescribed for much shorter than typical durations and intensities less than 50% VO2max.”